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Okay, so even though my dogs are actually ten years old, and I actually didn’t know them as puppies (they’re rescue dogs), they’ll always be my babies. 

My Ziggy (a Bichon crossed with something) is injured, and it’s breaking my heart. 

They went to the groomer today, and I took them for a walk when we got home.  On our way back, about half a block away from our house, I bent down to untangle Kingsley from his leash,  and Ziggy suddenly started yelping.  He couldn’t put any weight on his left hind leg.  I had to carry him home.  We have a vet appointment in the morning.  I think he put his hip out.  It’s happened before, just not this badly.  And his vet is also a doggie chiropractor, so hopefully she can straighten him out.  He’s resting now, with a warm compress on his back so that the muscles don’t tense up.  Poor boy. I get so angry and frustrated when I can’t do anything to make him feel better.  And then I cry.  It’s going to be a long night.