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I really enjoyed my pysanka workshop last Saturday at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada.  We started with a quick lesson on the pronunciation of pysanka (the stress is on the first syllable, not the middle), followed by a short film that outlined the general process.  I was surprised (and pleased) to learn that the craft of pysanka pre-dates Christianity by a few thousand years.  These are ancient symbols, folks.  Powerful stuff. 

Besides spending a peaceful hour and a half crafting away, preparing for Easter, it also inspired me to learn more about my Ukrainian heritage.  I always say that I’m only Ukrainian in name – I know nothing else about my culture. I don’t speak it, sing it, dance it, or cook it.  I’m good at eating Ukrainian food, but that’s about all I got.  I think my egg turned out pretty nicely.  Not bad for my first attempt in 25 years.