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Having a slight obsession with crush on letterpress lately.  Don’t know why or where it came from.  Maybe from the endless hours of gazing at beautiful design blogs about paper and cardmaking and invitations (like this one or this one). 

Or perhaps it’s part of my larger curiosity about all things handmade and pre-Industrial Revolution life.  Whatever it is, I’m crushing hardcore.  The Emily Carr University of Art and Design offers a three-week introductory course that I’m dying to take.  I won’t be able to do it this summer but maybe next summer.  I just want a little taste of it, to see if I would actually like it.  I think I would.  Problem is, I can’t find a single letterpress studio in Saskatchewan.  I’m a gonna have to travel to one (which is okay, really, I like travelling). 

Anyone know of a good letterpress workshop to take?

Image credit: Boris Forconi