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Oh boy, is it rainy here!  Our rain barrels are full and overflowing.  It’s a lovely spring rain.  Warm, humid, fresh.

The girls don’t seem to mind.  I think they rather like it.  Greta and Liesl are soaked and covered in mud – they’ve been happily scratching and digging for earthworms.  The Little Peepers prefer to hang out in the coop (“prefer” might be the wrong word – Greta keeps chasing them back in every time they try to come out).  I tossed a tarp over the run this morning because it was starting to turn into one big mud puddle. Gotta give them some place to relax and dry out!

Peepers in the Rain

Quick! Let’s pig out before Greta gets back!

The Little Peepers are growing so fast.  In fact, I don’t think I can call them Little Peepers anymore.  Just this week, they’re voices started to change (poor teenage chickens).  Gone are the sweet little “peep peep peep” sounds.  They’ve been replaced with strange, raspy honks and clucks.  They sound a bit like they’ve been smoking for twenty years.  Awww, the awkwardness of adolescence.  Their tail feathers have filled out nicely, and their faces and combs are beginning to turn a deep red.  These are all signs of forthcoming eggs – hopefully within a couple more weeks.  So very egg-citing (oh boo, I know, I couldn’t help myself!)