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We have very long winters here, so by January, my husband, Will, is getting a bit antsy for spring.  That’s when he starts some seedlings indoors.  By March, the indoor grow-op just isn’t cutting it anymore – he wants to plant.  So he does.

Last year, he made a couple permanent raised beds in the garden, so that starting late March/early April, he can sow directly into the garden.  He covers the rows in plastic, and if we’re lucky, they stay warm enough and the seeds start to sprout.  Now, normally, no one plants in Saskatchewan until after the last frost, which is around the middle of May.  However, the way we look at it, if nothing sprouts, we’re out $3 for the pack of seeds, and we can always re-sow later.  But if the seeds do sprout, hurrah!  We are eating spinach, green onions, and lettuce in early May.  So really, it’s a win-win situation.

This year, they’ve sprouted.  We should be having fresh greens by next week. Now to keep the chickens from destroying the sprouts . . .

Covered row

Green onions – yummmy!



Chives – these grow like weeds and are impossible to kill. But that’s okay because they’re delicious.