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One of the best parts of spring cleaning is purging STUFF you no longer need (or probably shouldn’t have bought in the first place).

I love to go to thrift stores and browse through the clothes; it’s usually more about the treasure hunt than the bargains.  Usually.  Sometimes, I accidentally fall in love with a shirt or a dress that doesn’t really fit, but it’s so pretty and it’s only five bucks, so I buy it anyway – and then never wear it.

The internet has many, many ideas on upcycling old clothes.  Some are awesome; some are super cheezy (get out the bedazzler!).  Here are some awesome ones:

(Click on the photo for the source)

1) Sweaters

Snip, snip! Get out your scissors!

2) Belts

3) Men’s Dress Shirts

4) T-Shirts