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I don’t even like radishes, but they’re so satisfying to plant because they’re easy to grow, and they sprout so fast.  It’s almost instant gratification for the gardener, and a little infusion of hope.  If the radishes are growing, then maybe the rest will grow, too.

So my radishes are up, and so are the zucchini, the pumpkins, the butternut squash, the peas, and a few beans.  It’s a bloody miracle.  Every year I think, “This is not going to work.  How can this work?  How can this little seed survive?”

And yet it does.  It survives, it grows, and sometimes, if you’re attentive and a little bit lucky, it even thrives.

My garden row markers. I painted wooden shims with blackboard paint, and labeled them with a white china marker (won’t wash off in the rain).

Teeny, tiny radish sprouts. Hurrah!

Grow! Grow! Grow!