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It took a little longer than I thought, but I have the pantry mayhem under control.  A lot a paint, a little wallpaper, some purging and reorganizing, and finally, a peaceful pantry.  A pantry that no longer makes me angry every time I open the door.  A pantry where everything has a place, a clearly marked place.

My friend, Jennifer, gave me some great tips, especially when it comes to wrangling Tupperware.  First, she said, make sure there’s a matching lid for every container.  Get rid of anything that doesn’t have a mate.  Then keep the lids together and the containers together.  Since my containers are a jumble of different types, my lids don’t stack very well, so she suggested tossing them in a basket, which is awesome.  As I replace old containers, I will buy a brand that makes lids that snap together, another one of Jennifer’s great tips.

Two new discoveries I made along the way: (1) all out-of-work actors should have a home reno project on the go.  It takes your mind off the fact that you’re not working, gives you something creative to do, and increases your home’s equity so that someday you may be able to retire; and (2)  I LOVE CHALKBOARD PAINT!