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First day of rehearsal today.

I had a date with Ophelia the other night.  She says a lot of words that I don’t understand, so I made a rhubarb crisp (with some fresh from the garden rhubarb that my friend Jenn gave me – so tart!), and sat down with the Oxford English Dictionary.

Well, sort of.  The free version online, that is.

I really wish the Saskatoon Public Library would offer access to the real dictionary online to library card holders, but I understand that it’s very expensive to do something like that.  Still, the free version is pretty good.  Not nearly as exciting as the real thing, though.  And yes, I get excited over the Oxford English Dictionary.  Who doesn’t?  It’s bloody amazing.

The crisp was delicious, and now I know what Ophelia is saying.  The first step is done – understand on an intellectual basis what’s going on.  Next step, make it live.  Find the why.  To badly quote Picasso, “say it with brushes and paint!”