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  • On Sunday, Will baked two loaves of whole wheat bread.
  • On Monday, Ziggy pulled the bread off the kitchen table, kept one for himself and generously gave the other loaf to Kingsley.
  • On Tuesday, I started rehearsals.  Hurrah!  The designers have outdone themselves this year – Steampunk and Tim Burton-esque 1950s.  So bloody beautiful.  Ophelia cries black, oily tears that streak down her face.  Haunting.
  • On Wednesday, I drank my third Superfood shake for breakfast.  They are very filling, and I find I don’t need to snack before lunch.  However, I have not yet turned into a superhero.  Maybe it takes more than a few days . . .
  • On Thursday, I rode my bike to rehearsal.  In the rain.  (Note:  Need to buy waterproof biking gear – getting to work and drying your jeans and socks under the hand-dryer in the ladies’ room is not fun)
  • Today, the sun is shining (finally!), I’ve got a good cup of coffee, I’m gainfully employed (yay!), and I’m looking forward to my bike ride to work.  Life is good.

Have a great weekend!