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If you took the Tour de la Coop, you’d see that Will designed the coop to have an easily accessible nesting box from which to gather eggs.

Nesting Box on Chicken Coop

Well, when the Little Honkers arrived this spring, they decided that the nesting box was a great place to hide from the Big Girls, and an even better place to sleep at night.

Nesting Box turned Panic Room

Ginger poking her head out of the nesting box. She looks so young! They grow up so fast. Sigh.

So, sadly, the nesting box was closed for business.  Barricades were put in place, and a smaller, temporary roost was set inside the coop.  The Little Honkers soon learned to sleep on the smaller roost at night, but wouldn’t venture up onto the Big Girl roost.  Until two nights ago.  Sometime during the day, the playing in the coop got out of control, and someone knocked over the small roosting bar.  Instead of setting it upright, I decided to see what would happen when they finally went to bed for the night.  I peeked in shortly after bedtime, and there they were – all happily roosting on the same bar.  Hurrah!  They really are a flock now.  So the temporary roost came out, the barricades came down, and the nesting box is a nesting box once more.

Nesting Box in Chicken Coop

Now to re-train the Big Girls where to lay their eggs . . .