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The renovations have started on 204 C. The lumber has been cobbled together (some donated, some bought), the plans have been drawn, and the building has begun.

Materials for the coop reno

And what do the residents of 204 C think of all this activity?

Greta bathing in the sunWell, Greta seems more concerned with basking in the sunshine, while fanning her feathers and twisting her body in weird ways . . .

Liesl taking a dirt bath. . . while Liesl and Ginger enjoy taking dirt baths in the back corner of the run.  Marianne was unavailable for comments at the time of this interview.  We can only guess that she’s equally as oblivious to the upcoming renovations.

(Look at the gorgeous waddle and comb on Ginger.  What a good looking chicken!)

In other news, the peonies have bloomed.  Huzah!

Peonies in my backyard