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Ugh.  Mosquitoes.

Annoying at the best of times, downright troublesome at the worst.  Like when you’re playing Ophelia and you are dead and corpse bearers are bearing you on a bier to your grave and there is lace draped over your body and a mosquito is trapped under the lace with you but you’re dead and can’t swat it away from your ear or eyelid.  Ugh.

Every night I make the choice:  spray myself with DEET or take my chances with West Nile.  So far, my fear of the West Nile virus (and the bites and welts) have trumped my fear of a daily dose of DEET.

Homemade mosquito spray to the rescue?  Maybe.

Ingredients for mosquito sprayI used half witch hazel and half boiled water, with 10 drops each of eucalyptus, lemon, and lavender oil.  Shake it up and spray.  I tried it the other night, but at the last minute, before I went on stage, I chickened out and sprayed myself with DEET.  I really don’t like being bitten on stage, and the air was thick with mosquitoes.  It may have helped – I was the only actor who didn’t get eaten alive that night, despite soaking ourselves in DEET.

Maybe I’ll be brave enough to try it tonight . . .

Homemade mosquito spray in a spray bottleMaybe.