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I like to plant radishes because (a) they’re easy to grow, and (b) they sprout really fast and give me great gardening satisfaction.  However, I don’t like to eat radishes because (a) they don’t taste very good, and (b) they’re so peppery, they make my eyes water.

Enter Radish Rat Tail.

Radish Rat Tail Seed PacketI found these seeds at Early’s this year, and thought I’d give them a try.  They certainly look different from your “garden-variety” radishes, maybe they’ll taste different too.

Like regular radishes, they were the first to sprout.  They grew fast, too.  Within a couple of weeks, they were huge.  I picked a couple, thinking they must be ready to eat, but the root was thin and measly, and tasted awful.  I waited a couple more weeks.  I picked some more.  The roots hadn’t grown at all!  Same thin and measly root, same awful taste.  Well.  They were starting to flower by now.  We decided to just give up and pull them out – they are taking up precious garden space!

Radish Rat Tail plants in my gardenBut then I went into tech, and was working 12-hour days, and then it was opening weekend, and we never did get around to pulling them out.   Good thing.  Today, I had a closer look at them.

Radish Rat Tail seed podYou don’t eat the root; you eat the seed pod!  Apparently, they make a zesty, crunchy addition to salads, and are great to pickle.  Yay!  Maybe I actually have found a radish that I’ll enjoy eating as much as much as I enjoy growing.