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To all the city dwellers out there who oppose backyard chickens because they think chickens stink (they don’t), or they make too much noise (not half as much as a dog), or it’s part of a “rural lifestyle” (it’s not; people kept chickens in cities up ’til about the 1950s), or they think the eggs are unsanitary (ridiculous!), I have only one question:  Would you rather eat an egg from a chicken that lives here . . .

chickens in battery cages

Image via gmo-journal.com

. . . or here?

Our Renovated Coop

Look at Ginger spread her wings!

I know my answer.

P.S.  We made a decision this week – Marianne has got to go.  She’s just too noisy, and we’re afraid she’ll tick off the neighbours.  No, we’re not going to dispatch her.  The fellow we bought her from is willing to trade her for another (hopefully calmer and quieter) hen.  I’ll keep you posted on the new girl when we get her later this week!