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Last Thursday, I packed Marianne into a cardboard box and drove her out of town to Pop’s Coops.  He toured me around the place (totally awesome!) and traded Marianne for Scruffy aka Oh Black Betty (Bam A Lam).  She’s an Ameracauna (like Liesl) and will lay blue eggs.

Even though it was only three months ago that I introduced two new hens into the flock, I had completely forgotten what a ruckus Greta and Liesl make when a new girl enters the coop.  Even Ginger was very vocal about it, and she’s usually so quiet.  Scruffy isn’t having an easy time with this transition.  She mostly stays in the coop or roosts or hides in a box. Friday morning was a mess.  All the girls had to lay at the same time and Scruffy was in one of the nesting boxes.  Oh the noise!  I took my iPod dock outside and blared music to cover the squawking, and actually, the music calmed the girls down.

Please, please, please let this transition be smooth.  Come on, girls.  Make friends fast!