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Pesto It’s that time of year – the basil is ready!  It was a good basil year.  I ended up with enough to make four batches, and there’s still some left in the garden (to use with spaghetti sauce when the tomatoes are ready).  My friend Anita came over to help.  I find it’s important to use quality ingredients, even if they are expensive.  One year, I cheaped out and used walnuts and fake Parmesan, and it was awful.  What a waste of delicious basil!  Now I only use the best (even if that means spending $22 on a bag of pine nuts – yowza).

(I was ridiculously excited when Anita pulled an apron out of her bag.  I wanted to wear mine, too – it has chickens and roosters on it.)

Pesto making day is the best – the house smells like fresh basil for hours after.  Yum.Making Pesto