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Yup, I was canning again last night.  And here I thought I was done with canning for the season.  I forgot about the ten pounds of green tomatoes that we pulled off two weeks ago and stuck in a paper bag that have now reached perfect ripeness.  Out comes the water bath.

Canning Crushed TomatoesWe made a couple batches of awesome spaghetti sauce, but I really wanted to try canning tomatoes this year.  I used nine pounds of tomatoes, left one pound to eat fresh for the next week, and ended up with four pints of canned crushed tomatoes and an indeterminate amount of tomato juice.  (Indeterminate because I have processed it yet – that’ll be tonight’s late-night project.)

I will be a very happy girl if I can open a can of crushed tomatoes in the middle of a nasty, cold prairie winter and enjoy the taste of summer-fresh tomatoes. Crushed Tomatoes Pictures