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After thousands of years of experiencing the deaths of our loved ones, why is it still so painful to say goodbye?  Why have we not evolved to cope with death?  How have all the pain and love and tears not made an imprint on our DNA?

My Baba passed away early Tuesday morning (“Baba” is Ukrainian for “Grandmother”).  She was 90 years old.  She was close to all her grandchildren – really, she gave us no choice.  She was not one to sit at home and wait for someone to call her.  She called us and arranged lunch dates, and maybe if there’s time, some BINGO?  (She loved to gamble!)  From her, I inherited my green eyes, and a love of gardening.  She made the best perogies.  Ever.  She was a BINGO pro and sharp as a tack – not only did she play 12 or more cards herself, she would often lean over and dab numbers that I had somehow missed while playing my measly three cards.

Then again, maybe we have evolved to cope with death.  Perhaps the painful experience of saying goodbye is essential to our human condition.  Maybe it is only through the pain of letting go that we realize how deeply we loved.