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(photo via bgh.com)

I adore pumpkins.  I try growing a new variety every year – warty pumpkins, ghost pumpkins, mini pumpkins.  Even though I am 34 years old, if you visited my house on Halloween, you’d find me in the kitchen, carving my jack ‘o lanterns to put out on the front steps.

So I was absolutely devastated this summer when a giant wind storm tore my pumpkin vines right out of the ground.  I cried.  I haven’t had to buy a pumpkin in years.  Tomorrow, I’ll do the next best thing to growing my own – I’ll go to the Farmers’ Market and buy a couple pumpkins.

Of course, I’ll do a traditional carved jack ‘o lantern, but I might try something a bit “alternative” this year, too.

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