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Let it SnowI spend weeks dreading the first snowfall.  “Ugh,” I think, “the jackets, the boots, the wet paws, the slippery roads, the shoveling, oh my lord, the shoveling!”

But then when the snow does come, it’s really not so bad.  In fact, it’s quite lovely.  This year, it came so quietly, in big chunky, movie-set style flakes, and quite literally, put a hush on the city.

The dogs love it, and the chickens don’t seem to mind.  I’ve read that chickens are snow blind, and won’t walk on freshly fallen snow because they can’t see.  Not true of my girls.  They came barreling out of the run and straight into the snow.

Chickens in the SnowSee?  Didn’t I tell you?  Nothing cuter than chicken paw prints in the snow.