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Hallelujah! A chicken laid an egg.  Egg production halted way back in September.  Then the molting began, and the chicken colds, and we were starting to wonder if we’d ever see an egg again.  But here it is – living proof that good things come in small packages.  I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I opened the nesting box and found this little guy.

Decoy egg and the real egg in the nesting boxWe’re not entirely sure who it came from.  It looks like Liesl’s, but Scruffy is also an Ameracauna, and is supposed to lay blue-green eggs.  It’s also a bit on the small side for Liesl, who tends to lay large eggs.  However, I’m 95% sure it’s Liesl’s because when I was herding the girls back into the run yesterday, she presented.  Scruffy hasn’t shown any signs of being ready to lay an egg yet, but you never know.

Anyway, now that (hopefully) Liesl is laying again, the rest should follow suit.  She’s the top hen, the unchallenged leader of the group, and the rest simply follow her lead.

By the way, I put the decoy egg in about a week ago.  Sometimes chickens need a reminder of what their purpose in life really is (i.e. lay some damn eggs).  Apparently, they see the egg, and they think, “Oh yeah, I used to lay those things.  Better get on that.”  Not sure if that’s really true, but it seemed to work this time.  (I know I could use a decoy now and then to keep me on track with my life’s purpose.)

Have your chickens started laying again?  Do yours go through a molt and take a little break, or do you have egg production all year long?  I’d love to hear about your experiences – leave a little note in the comment section below.