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We took it up a notch this week.  We entered a whole new area of self-sufficiency.  We repaired a major appliance:  our dryer.

We bought the dryer in 2005, after we got married and bought our first house, all in the span of four months (Note:  Do not do as we did.  One major life change at a time).  A couple of months later, the dryer started to make a “ting ting” noise at a regular interval.  Ting ting (beat) ting ting (beat) ting ting.  It was annoying, but whatever.  The dryer still worked fine.  We put up with the “ting ting” for seven years.  About six months ago, it started adding in a “guh gunk.”  Ting ting (guh gunk) ting ting (guh gunk) ting ting.  Time to repair.  Even closing the basement door could not block out the “guh gunk” sound.

As far as appliance repair goes, a dryer is a pretty simple machine.  A motor, a blower/fan, a drum, a belt.  Not much to it.  But still.  They’re expensive, and we really don’t want to be replacing a dryer right now (not when the car needs new front struts).

Armed with power tools, we took off the back panel and stared inside, hoping it would magically guide us to what needed to be fixed.  When that didn’t work, we asked the Internet for help.  YouTube answered with a video of some dude showing step by step how to change the drum belt on a Whirlpool dryer, the same kind we have.  Ah, you go in through the top of the machine, not the back.  Okay. We put the panel back on.  Thank you, Internet.

We opened up the top and found a penny, a dime, and a screw inside.  We think the penny and the dime were rolling around making the “ting ting”, and the screw had got caught between the drum and the front casing, causing the drum to be off balance and go “guh gunk”.  The belt was fine, and there was nothing else inside, so we closed it back up, plugged it in, and gave it a test run.  Smooth operator.  Weird noises gone.

Sometimes, the goal is simply not to make the problem worse.  The fact that we actually fixed the problem is icing on the cake.  Score one for self-sufficiency – hurrah!

Fixing our dryerHave you every attempted any major appliance repairs?  How was your experience?  Empowering or discouraging?  Leave me a comment below – I’d love to hear from you.

P.S.  I seriously considered not including that picture of myself.  I look like I just woke up – messy hair, sweat pants, and dosey eyes.  I didn’t just wake up.  This was after supper.  I don’t know why I was such a mess.  But I included the picture anyway.  Call it a lesson in vanity.