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So I bought this ugly, old Lazy Susan way back in July, and then just let it sit on the floor in my office for five months.  I really had no idea what I wanted to do with it.  One day, during my many hours of trolling the internet, I happened upon The Graphics Fairy blog.  I’m a sucker for anything French, but especially French typography from the late 19th/early 20th century.  Bingo!  I Frenchified it.

Structurally, it was in great shape.  Only one of the little posts had popped out, but a dab of superglue took care of that.

Step One:  Sand and paint.  I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra (primer and paint in one) in “Aged Parchment.”

Step Two: Printed off this graphic from The Graphics Fairy, and traced it onto the Lazy Susan using graphite transfer paper and a stylus.  Then I used a small paint brush, and black acrylic craft paint to paint on the letters and embellishments.  (This would probably be easier with paint markers.  My hand was a little shaky with the paint brush).

Step Three:  I glazed the entire thing with a brown paint I had leftover from painting my bedroom nightstands.  I used one part paint to three parts water, roughly brushed it on, then wiped it off with a rag.

Step Four:  Finally, I applied three coats of poly in a Satin finish to protect and preserve the hand-painting.  Also makes it easier to wipe clean.

Me likey.  I think I’ll use it on the kitchen table as a fruit bowl.  It’s too pretty to put in the pantry.