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Yes, that’s right.  Ziggy sees a chiropractor.

A couple years ago, he started favouring his right hind leg.  I took him to his vet, and the vet put him on an anti-inflammatory for a few days, thinking he must’ve jumped off the couch or something and strained it.  Well, it didn’t go away, and the vet told me the next step would be x-rays, and possibly surgery.

Ummm, no.  I found him a doggy chiropractor instead.  He had a seriously messed up spine, especially his lower back region near his tail.  She told me his back is a bit too long for his legs, and his muscles are working overtime to keep his back in shape.  No wonder he growls whenever someone pets him – his back hurts pretty much all the time.

The first treatment was not fun.  He bit the vet twice.  That’s why he wears a muzzle now whenever we go.

Ziggy before the Chiro

It took about three treatments before he started to really improve.  He also lost nearly seven pounds (which is a lot for a little guy!), so that relieved some of the pressure off his lower back.  The treatments don’t even phase him now.  We go two or three times a year for upkeep.  He doesn’t get upset at the vet anymore, but I still muzzle him, just in case.

After he’s had a treatment, he’s full of energy.  He must feel like a puppy again.  (I know exactly how he feels – sometimes, for a few lovely hours after I’ve had a chiro treatment, I feel like I’m 24 again).  Ziggy gets a little crazy and loves to play fetch with his ring for about 20 minutes after we get home.  Then he remembers he’s ten years old, and goes to sleep on the couch.  It’s a dog’s life.

Ziggy after his chiro