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Canning Inventory

One of the things I missed most while I was working out of town was having homemade applesauce in my yogurt.

It felt like we did a lot of canning this summer.  I have no idea what we started with, but since we’re about halfway through the winter now, I thought I’d take inventory to see where we’re at and if maybe we need to do more canning next summer.  (Who am I kidding?  Of course we need to do MORE next summer!)

So, the numbers are a bit . . . weird.

Canning Inventory:

As you can see, our cold storage isn’t exactly stocked with the necessary supplies, if say a natural disaster or the zombie apocalypse hit tomorrow.  At this point, we’d essentially run on a sugar high from all that jelly and then get wasted on fruit wine.  It’s a form of survival, I guess.

Definitely more canning needs to be done next summer.  Perhaps with a bit more intelligent planning this time.