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I feel like a terrible chicken mama this week.  My girls are having an awful winter.  Greta died, Ginger has frostbite, Scruffy is sneezing, and Liesl is MOLTING.  AGAIN.  And to top it all off NO ONE is laying eggs anymore.

Liesl molting againWhat is going on?  Where did I go wrong?  How can I fix them?  At this point, I don’t even care about the eggs, I just want my ladies to be happy and healthy.

Damn you, prairie winter.  I blame you and your -45C for this!

Maybe they just need some serious immune-system boosting.  Vitamins?  Yogurt?  Scrambled eggs?  I’ll do whatever is necessary to make them healthy again.

Ginger's PhotobombHow about you?  Do you struggle keeping your chickens healthy over winter?  What have you done to help them survive the cold?  Leave your comments or suggestions below.  I’d love to hear from other chicken mamas and papas!