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Excluding wine and Scotch, there are two beverages I drink a lot of – coffee and water. I always have water with me, so finding a good water bottle is very important.

I don’t like drinking water from plastic bottles because, well, they’re plastic. Metal water bottles feel funny against my teeth, and they make the water taste “tinny” after while. So I switched to glass water bottles, which I love. Except the lids. The lids are always made from cheap plastic, and when I inevitably drop the bottle, the glass never shatters but the cheap plastic lid does. Then I’m stuck with a $20 glass water bottle that has no lid.

After shattering my third one last month, I decided to switch to mason jars. They’re glass, they’re cheap, and I can buy hundreds of lids for them.


The plastic white lid worked fine, but it was a bit difficult to drink out of. Then I found this little invention at The Better Good a few days ago. It’s called the “cuppow” and basically turns your standard mason jar into a sippy cup for adults.


It doesn’t close so I can’t leave it on the jar, and pop the jar in my purse or anything, but it’s so much easier to drink out of now. I was so happy when I found it. Apparently, I’m not the only crazy person out there drinking water from a mason jar!