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Scruffy is laying again.  Hallelujah!  She started “presenting” hardcore about a week ago, so we knew the eggs were on their way.

She’s laid two eggs in three days.  I’m not sure when she laid the first one, but I found it in the morning in the coop under the roost, and frozen solid.  I think she dropped it off the roost.  Must’ve been a bit of a surprise.  Yesterday, though, I could tell she was going to lay because she kept going in and out of the coop, finally settling in the nesting box to lay a perfect little blue egg.

Now Ginger, it’s your turn to start up again.  I’ve given up on Liesl.  She’s been such a good layer, but she’s five years old now.  She’ll be “retiring” this spring.

Scruffy's eggs