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This is the view from my front window this morning. As if we don’t have enough snow already, it snowed all last night, and is supposed to continue all bloody day. Dear snow and winter – you have seriously out-stayed your welcome. Go away now.


We made it through dress and preview yesterday. The preview was . . . awkward. Only nine people showed up (it was a “pay what you can” performance), and while there were a few lovely, warm faces in the audience, the rest were, for the most part, completely unengaged. It really affected the tone of the show. I felt pretty crappy afterwards.

Here’s something I’ve been struggling with for a long time. Years, really. As an artist and a performer, I invest a lot of myself into my work. How do I not base my self-esteem on the results of that work? Because sometimes, it’s going to fail. But I’ve put so much of myself into it, it uses up huge resources of my energy, my time, and my mental and emotional health, that I don’t know how to separate my worth, my confidence from the success or failure of my work. Not having that separation isn’t healthy.

Any other artists out there struggle with this? How do you separate yourself from your work? Or do you?