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Opening weekend is over, and it went very well.  I’m learning lots of stuff about performing in small, intimate spaces.  Mostly, it scares the crap out of me, but in a good way.  In a “I’m still learning, and I’m so alive” kind of way.

We’ve been neglecting the homestead a bit because theatre tends to be a black hole that sucks all your life energy.  Seriously.

But we have a few homestead-y things to report:

  • Took home all the leftover veggies from opening night catering and made a lovely, yummy vegetable stock.
  • First time in months that we haven’t bought eggs at the Farmers’ Market because Scruffy is producing so well.  Way to go, Scruff!  More money to spend on wild boar bacon.
  • Bought some more wild boar bacon at the Market.  Plus carrots, and (happy dance) cucumbers!  The green stuff is starting to return.  The end of the root vegetables is in sight.
  • Attended Seedy Saturday last weekend.  Bought some seeds.  Planted some shit.  The grow-op in the basement keeps getting larger and larger . . .
  • Made yogurt.  This is now a weekly occurrence.  Love that stuff.

I’m going crazy for Spring.  More snow and -20C make Jamie very unhappy.  I hope next week warms up and the melting starts.