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Look who’s laying again!

Liesl lays an eggFive years old and the eggs keep coming. It’s hard to plan to dispatch a chicken that’s giving us eggs again. If the laying continues, we’ll postpone her end until fall, probably September or October, because that’s when she usually stops laying for the winter. But if she gets sick again or stressed this summer, and the eggs stop, we’re going ahead with the original plan.

As you can see from the photo, Ginger’s neck is looking pretty bare these days. I’ve done a quick check. I can’t see any mites or anything, and the feathers are broken off, not falling out, so I’m sure that it’s due to pecking or excessive grooming. The girls are just as antsy for Spring as we are, and I think being cooped up has finally gotten to them. Most of the day, they pace back and forth in front of the door, dying to get out into the yard and scratch away at the little patches of grass poking through the snow. I think once the weather is nice, the feathers should grow back. We’ll probably also get another pullet this Spring, so that will wreak havoc on the pecking order once again, but should at least give Ginger a friend to hang out with. Scruffy is totally ignoring her these days, preferring to challenge Liesl for top hen.

Speaking of Spring, it came for a day or two and then Winter swallowed it back up. First week of April, and there is snow falling. Blah. Blah, blah, blah. I can’t even describe how blah that feels. Even in this day and age of science and all we know about the natural world, I am feeling a primitive anxiousness that Spring will never return. If any more snow falls, I am prepared to make a blood sacrifice to the gods. A little burnt offering couldn’t hurt, right?