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Oh, this has been a long, grey, cold, dry winter, and everyone is just dying for it to be over.  The girls are tired of being cooped up.  They pace back and forth in the run, and squawk until we let them roam in the yard.  The boys go absolutely nuts if they don’t get their daily 20-minute walk.  And the humans?  We just can’t wait til we can play in the dirt.

A few photos from our week:

Ziggy napping with his frogZiggy and his Frog.  The Frog is on its last legs (you can see he’s already missing a foot), but Ziggy drags this thing everywhere with him.  It’s his latest “baby.  He’s had a few “babies” over the years, and they all end up in the trash eventually.  He loves them to death.

Weird bumpy eggSomeday, I’m going to do a photo series called, “Eggs You’ll Never See in a Grocery Store.”  I had no idea these weird things could happen to eggs.  Before I had chickens, I only ate grocery store eggs.  Clean, white, sanitized eggs.  I had no idea that chickens could produce such abnormalities.  Take this weirdo of an egg.  It’s Liesl’s.  I think she may have consumed too much calcium last week.  Weird, right?

Ginger in the garden Oh, dirt.  Glorious dirt.  Will covered one of our raised beds with plastic a couple weeks ago, so the ground was thawed enough to actually work the soil this past weekend!  It felt so good to put a shovel in the ground.  Ginger was happy to be back to work in the dirt, as well.  She had a great time scratching it up!

And now, as I’m writing this, it’s snowing outside.  April 23rd, and it’s snowing.  A few weeks ago, I was joking when I said maybe Winter will never end.  Like somehow our world turned into Westeros (from Game of Thrones), and Winter may last for years.  But as I watch the blizzard outside my window, I really am starting to doubt if this Winter will ever end.  At this point, we are going to have snow on the ground well into May.  MAY.  The only way Mother Nature could make up for this awfulness is to skip Spring entirely and go straight into Summer. Okay?  Okay.