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It’s been just over a year since we added to our flock.  Look how tiny Ginger was!

Ginger as a pulletWhen we got them, we made a deal that we weren’t going to name them, since someday they will become food.  For awhile, Ginger was known as “Little Peeper No. 1”.  But it’s too hard not to name them when it’s such a small flock.  You get to know them individually, and their personalities really shine through.  Ginger was the perfect name for her.

And here she is a year later.

Ginger in the gardenSo very grown up!  She’s a big bird, this one.  The frostbite on her comb is almost totally healed.  The little black parts on her comb fell off, and it is actually re-growing (amazing, stuff, I know).  The dry skin on her wattles is flaking off, too.  And her neck feathers have grown in very nicely.

She had a tough winter.  We all had a tough winter.

But now, the redness is returning to her comb and wattles, and she is presenting hardcore every time I come near her, so I’m thinking eggs in about a week or so.

And the temperature is finally (FINALLY) rising.  We hit +10C yesterday!  Hurrah!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!