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You guys, it’s Spring! For reals, this time! On Saturday, the temperature reached +18C! Yes, this news deserves all those exclamation marks and more!

We spent all day outdoors. It was so good. Will planted onions and spinach in the raised (covered) beds. We raked the grass, spread some of the snow, cleaned up the patio and set up the table and chairs.

Unfortunately, the girls had to spend most of the afternoon in dog kennels in the garage because a technician from SaskTel was here for over three hours upgrading our phone and internet lines. So they didn’t get to enjoy as much of the nice weather that we did.

(Backyard chickens are illegal in Saskatoon, and I don’t think the SaskTel technician can rat us out to the city, but we decided not to take any chances. We hid the girls away. We figured if he asked us what the coop was for, we’d say rabbits or homing pigeons, which weirdly enough, are legal in Saskatoon. Go figure.)

Playing in the gardenAfter our work was done, we sat in the sun and drank Will’s homebrew beer from Mason jars. I think I might actually be developing a taste for beer in my thirties. I’ve never liked beer, but lately, a cold beer on a hot patio is divine. The dogs rested in the shady, cool parts of the pavement, and I dusted off my bike, oiled the chain and took it for a spin. Glorious. Glorious, glorious, glorious.

Chilling on the patioAs much as I loathe Winter at times, I have to wonder – would I appreciate Spring and Summer as much without Winter? Would a warm day ever feel this special without the memory of -40C? Would it be as awesome to take off your jacket because you’re too warm without months of having to wear Sorels and a goose down parka? I doubt it very much.

I hope Spring has come to your corner of the Earth!