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Ask anyone in Saskatchewan, “When do you plant your garden?” and the answer will be, “Potatoes on May long weekend, and the rest during the first week of June.”

Not us.  As soon as you can work the soil, we say.  We’ve already got spinach sprouting in one of the raised beds.  Apparently, peas like the cooler weather, too.  We’ve also planted garlic, onions, potatoes and cabbage.  The chives are well on their way, as are the winter onions.  We’ll be eating fresh garden produce in a few weeks.

Yes, it’s possible some of the peas may not sprout, or the potatoes will refuse to grow, but so what?  Then we go buy another $2 package of seeds and try again.  It well worth the financial risk to be eating garden fresh veggies three or four weeks earlier, especially when you live in climate that has such a short growing season.

Plus, the sooner things grow, the sooner I get to start canning again!

Planting the garden

Liesl supervised all the activity. She’s dying to get out and eat those spinach sprouts.