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It’s official – we’re hippies.  We have the VW Westfalia Camper Van to prove it.

In less than two months, Will, Ryan (my brother), and I will hit the open road for four weeks.  We are heading West, and then South, and that’s about all we’ve planned at the moment.  We’d like to get to San Francisco, but the Westy tops out at 90 km/hour, so we’ll see how far we get.

We bought this little beauty on Saturday.  We’ve been looking for more than a year.  They’re hard to find in Saskatchewan.  If we lived in BC, it would be so much easier, but in Saskatchewan, they’re rare.  And expensive.

VW WestfaliaWe got it from awesome guy who lives about 15 minutes out of the city.  He had listed it for $3750.  We offered him $3500, and he warily accepted.  Just as my brother and I were getting into my car to go get the money order made up, the guy said to us, “Make it out for $3250.”  I’ve never had someone accept less than what I’ve offered on a vehicle before.  What an awesome guy.

VW Westfalia 2As the awesome guy was screwing on our new license plate, he said to us,”Well, I guess I’ll tell you what the guy I bought van from told me – you’re not just buying a van; you’re joining a family.”