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We planted the rest of the garden this past weekend.  It was beautiful outside.  Everything is in now, and the more delicate plants are safe under plastic domes.

The garden thus farThe winter onions and chives are ready to eat, and we even managed to make a tiny salad of baby spinach and green onions.

The asparagus had a slow start but is going strong now.  Tonight, for supper, we steamed a bunch, sautéed them with hoisin and chili garlic sauces, and sprinkled them with sesame seeds.  Yum.

Every year, we go seed shopping, and it’s a total gong show.  We can’t remember what we planted last year, what we liked, what we didn’t like, or even what we have left at home.  (You’d think we’d plan better before we go to the store, but we just get so bloody excited).  This year, I came up with an ingenious plan – store the seed packets in an old photo album.

Seed packets stored in a photo albumThis way, we know what we bought, we can make notes on what we liked, what we didn’t like, and even store leftover seeds.  Plus, we plan to do a little seed saving this year, so now we can go back and look at what was Heirloom variety and what wasn’t.  Total genius.  (I didn’t even find it on Pinterest.  I thought it up all on my own).