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A few years ago, I did a show with Dancing Sky Theatre called “The Food Show.” We researched, wrote and performed the show as a collective. As part of our research, we visited an organic family farm near Vonda. I knew they grew a heritage wheat called Red Fife, but that was about all I remembered.

Then, a few months ago, I had the opportunity to visit another secret city chicken keeper, and we were able to exchange notes on keeping chickens. She told me she gets her feed and straw from a local farmer who delivers to the city; the same farmer I visited while doing research a few years ago.

This morning, the farmer dropped off our order of two bags of organic chicken feed (made from chopped grains, lentils, and peas), an small organic straw bale, five kilos of Red Fife flour, a bag of Red Fife wheat, and a bag of red lentils. I love living in a province where I can make connections like that with the people who produce food.

The girls LOVE their new feed. It looks like real food, and it must taste better than the pellet crap I was feeding them because they chowed down all morning, and eventually pushed their old food to the side so they could get at the new feed. All three of them were at the trough.

Best part? They’re eating local, organic feed, AND it costs less than the commercial feed I was buying at the store.