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I am an un-traditional person to say the least.  When it comes to time-honoured traditions like weddings and showers, I’m not the most willing participant (and if I do participate, I like to buy or wear unconventional things, just to rattle everyone a bit).

But when two of your bestest friends in the world are having a baby, you throw them a party.  You celebrate the good times.  So that’s what we did.

I saw no reason to exclude the Dad-to-be from all the fun, so *gasp* we had a CO-ED BABY SHOWER!

Couples Baby Shower IdeasThere’s not much out there on the interweb about how to throw a couples baby shower.  Most of the advice just says things like, “Don’t piss off or scare off the men.”  Which is fine with me because (honestly) most baby shower/wedding shower traditions tend to piss me off, too.

I just wanted to celebrate my friends and have a good time, with yummy food, drinks, and a little fun.

The shower was in the evening, starting from 7 p.m., so food was light.  We had a couple of fruit trays, some mini-rhubarb tarts, and caprese salad cups.

I made Strawberry Sangria (from our Gewürztraminer that we bottled the night before), and filled a cooler full of Boylan’s Vintage Sodas for all the Mommies in the crowd (expecting and breastfeeding).  We also had a tub of vanilla ice cream on hand if you wanted to use your soda to make an ice cream float.  Those were a hit.

(It was Will’s “Pinterest-worthy” idea to cut out the names of the sodas from the cartons and stick them to the cooler)

Baby Shower DrinksThe first game we played was “Mom or Dad?”  A few days before, I had emailed Angela and Josh and asked them to answer a bunch of questions.  I printed up the questions (e.g.  Whose middle name starts with D?), and the guests had to choose whether it was Mom or Dad.  While everyone was filling out their paper, we went around the room and introduced ourselves, saying how we met Josh and Ange.  The second game we played was “Celebrity Baby Names” in which you had to match the baby name with the famous Mom or Dad.  I gave out tiny succulent plants as prizes (very gender-neutral – two men won the games, and neither seemed pissed off to go home with a tiny plant – success!)

Couples Baby Shower Games and PrizesJosh and Angela took turns opening presents, and as they opened, I wrote down all the things Angela said about the presents, as well as who gave them to her (makes it easier to send out Thank-You cards).  When they were done opening, I said, “It’s a little-known fact that the things a woman says while opening her baby shower gifts are they exact same things said at the time the baby was conceived.”  This is bloody hilarious.  Things like, “Ooh, it’s covered in sparkles!” or “Oh, that’s a little bag!”  take on a whole new, hilarious meaning.

Overall, I think it was an awesome party.  The best part was seeing how happy it made my friends.

(If you want to check out my inspiration for food, drinks, and decor, head on over to my Pinterest board, Couples Baby Shower Ideas).