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We’re back home!  It was an awesome trip, but it was so nice to arrive home.

Our house sitter is amazing – the yard looks fantastic, the dogs and chickens are alive, the garden is thriving, and the house is sparkling clean.  I want a house sitter every time I go on vacation.

It took all of half an hour to unpack the Westie, and since we didn’t have to do any cleaning (thank you, Melanie!), we decided to check on the bees, and  . . . there’s honey!

Will took out one frame so that we could test our homemade honey extractor.

First HoneyThe honey is clean, and pure, and heavenly.  I’m so excited to harvest the rest of the honey this weekend.  And get my hands dirty in the garden.  And walk the dogs.  And clean up the chickens.  Domesticity is bliss.  (Sometimes.  Other times, van life is bliss).

Have a fantastic weekend!