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It was so good to be home this weekend.  As much as I didn’t want vanlife to end, it was great to be home a few days early and have some garden fun.

We came back to a lush, beautiful garden (thank you, Melanie!) Check out the pumpkins.  The bigger green ones are Sugar Pie, which I’ll use for jack o’lanterns and then baking.  The smaller ones are Jack be Little, which are just cute and for decoration.  And the purple/green beans were still good, so we harvested them all, and then pulled the plants to make room for the rapidly growing squash vines.  Note to self:  Don’t plant squash in the middle of the garden next year.

Lush GardenAs I mentioned on Friday, we cracked the hive to find lots and lots of beautiful honey.  Melanie (our house sitter/summer house guest) helped Will take the frames out of the honey supers.

Harvesting honeyThen we scraped and crushed and strained and poured the clear honey into mason jars.  It was a pretty fantastic time.  In the end, we got 28 pounds of honey.  And that’s only the first harvest.  Yippee!

Bees 2We picked the last of the sour cherries from the school yard across the street.  I broke down and bought a cherry pitter.  It was bloody expensive so I expect it to last at least 100 years.  Once we got that puppy going though, it took longer to pull the stems off the cherries than to pit them.  Love that stupid thing.  I canned four pints of sour cherry preserves, and I’ve still got 28 litres in the freezer downstairs (thank you, Mom!)

Cherry pitterFinally, on Sunday, we did a quick little harvest for supper.  The beets are lovely, and Will steamed up a huge bunch of Swiss Chard and beet greens for me.  I love them when they’re just wilted, tossed with olive oil and salt, and then drizzled with balsamic vinegar.  So good.

Garden veggiesWe maybe sorta decided on the trip to start our our own urban farm (eek!)  We’re in the research phase at the moment (anyone familiar with SPIN farming?)  We’re thinking of the name Urbana Farms – opinions? thoughts? ideas? awesome name or weird name?  Help us out with the market research.  Leave a comment below!

Our honey