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Not together.  That would be gross.  But peaches and onions were the two things I preserved this weekend.

The onions I accidentally dug up as I was trying to weed the poor, neglected onion patch.  The onion patch is neglected because it is right beside the beehive.  Melanie didn’t want to weed there, so when we got back, the onions were indistinguishable from the weeds.  I pulled a few by accident while I tore away at the gigantic weeds.

Found this idea on Pinterest.  Tie them up in nylons and hang them in the cold storage.  I’ll let you know if it works.

Storing onions in pantyhoseI’ve put off buying peaches at the Farmers’ Market for the past two weekends, waiting for the case price to come down.  It hasn’t.  I finally caved and bought a ten pound case for $17.

They claimed to be Freestone Peaches.  Alas, that claim was FALSE.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it until after I had peeled the peaches and tried to cut them in half to pit them.  That’s when I discovered they are actually Clingstone Peaches.  So my plan to make peach preserves turned into a plan to make peach jam, and I ended up with something in between.  I diced the peach slices, but couldn’t bring myself to crush that beautiful, tasty fruit, so instead I made diced peach preserves in vanilla syrup.

Preserving peachesIn other news, Liesl has made an excellent recovery from being egg bound last week.  She has laid two eggs since with no problems at all.  Ginger has started to molt, so she has stopped laying and is shedding feathers EVERYWHERE.  Scruffy continues to produce like crazy.

Happy Monday!