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I haven’t written about the girls in a while (other than that disturbing/awesome experience with Liesl a few weeks ago).  I’ve been all about the garden, and I’ve neglected reporting on my chooks.

Things are going very well with my ladies. We decided to ditch the organic feed that we bought back in May. They simply weren’t thriving on it. They had lost weight and egg production had gone way down. They had realized they could pick through it and just eat the tasty bits, so they weren’t getting proper nutrition.

We decided to try a new line of organic feed from Early’s (our local feed store). Although I liked buying from a local farmer, my girls’ health is my priority. They are doing so much better on the new feed. We are getting two eggs a day (from Liesl and Scruffy) whereas we were only getting one or two eggs a week before. Ginger has gone into molt, but her neck feathers have already grown back in, and everyone has gained weight.

I got some fat, healthy chickens again. Hurrah!

Healthy chickens once again!