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Sorry for the lack of post on Wednesday this week. I got a new job! Possibly my dream job. Possibly even better than acting.

I am a Pet Sitter with Animal Crackers. Basically, this means that I get paid to spend time with cats and dogs all day. I visit them, play with them, cuddle them, walk them, and feed them, and I get PAID to do this! The hours are flexible, but most of my shifts are between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., which means I get to sleep in and I get off early. Best part? No customer service. I don’t have to deal with people – just animals! It’s awesome.

I also made the best zucchini oatmeal muffins. You can find the recipe here. I modified it a bit. I used red fife flour instead of oatmeal flour, and I didn’t have any lemon zest on hand. But they are hands down the best muffins I’ve ever made. Period. Makes me want to throw out the batch I made last week. Yuck.

I enjoyed a couple while soaking up the last of the warm temperatures on the patio a couple days ago.

Have a great weekend!