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Greetings from the frozen prairies! Oh lord is it cold here right now. A couple days ago it was -49C with the windchill. However, being of the tough prairie stock that I am, I have not quit walking to and from the theatre every night. I did go buy a pair of warm ski pants after I nearly froze my thighs one night though. But now I’m toasty warm. Warmer than I would be if I was driving the car because at those temperatures, the engine of the car never really warms up enough to produce any heat, so you sit there and shiver all the way home. If I’m walking though, I’m warm by the time I hit the bridge. It’s quite comfortable. And I love crossing the river every day. The river is never the same from day to day. I think of all the people whizzing by on the bridge that never get to see how the river is constantly changing, and I actually feel sorry for them. Our river is a hidden treasure right in the middle of the city.

[Speaking of hardy prairie stock, our new chickens are doing quite well in this weather. My little Saskatchewan mutts. I’ve officially named them Marmalade (because she has orange feet), and Clementime (because I like it).]

Will went to Regina this weekend to make deer sausage from the deer that he shot while hunting a few weeks ago, and brought home 65 pounds of meat. Our little deep freeze is now well-stocked. We had the honey garlic sausage for supper tonight (along with carrots and beets from the cold storage), and it was delicious. Deer sausage rocks. He also brought home four bags of deer ribs, which apparently are awful and not really good for anything. That simply sounds like a challenge to me. Waste not, want not.


The micro green operation is coming along nicely. Here’s a shot of our small set up in the basement. This week, we’re growing peas, sunflowers, broccoli, radishes and beets. Oh so good.


I did my First Aid/CPR/AED certification this weekend. One step closer to being a foster parent!

It was a busy weekend, what with being at the First Aid course all day, and then performing every night. I am a sleepy, tired girl, and I can’t wait to enjoy my day off today. Have a fantastic week, everyone!