Hi y’all!

I’m back in the blogosphere.  I missed it entirely too much.

I did enjoy blogging about adventures in urban farming until the adventures in urban farming started to overwhelm me, and I couldn’t find anytime to write.  Besides, the big flaw in that plan was that I was supposed to blog only about urban farming, and there is SO MUCH MORE in my life that I want to write about!  Like my adorable foster baby.  Or Will’s new job.  Or what happened to my chickens this summer.  Or how our package bees from New Zealand are adjusting to life in Saskatchewan.  Or how being a foster parent has changed my life in just five short months.

Therefore, I’m back.  I wanted to think up a new blog title before I started writing again.  Honestly, I never like Dreambles.  I liked the way it looked as written word, but it made me cringe when I’d hear people say it out loud.  Alas, it was a computer generated word that meant nothing, and I thought I could do better on the second go round.

Turns out I can’t.  I’ve been trying to think of something witty and smart that would encapsulate everything I want to write about, but I can’t.  So insert the clever blog title of your choice.  I’m just here to write.

Argggggg!  It’s good to be back!