You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?


Oh my god, where do I even start?  What wouldn’t I do with a plot of land?

I’m assuming that we’re talking about a substantial plot of land, roughly akin to the size of a homestead (160 acres) and not something like the world’s smallest park, Mill’s End in Portland, Oregon, which is a small circle two feet in diameter.  If it was a plot of land like Mill’s End, I would plant some flowers and call it a day.  But if it’s more like a homestead, I seriously – SERIOUSLY – don’t know where to start.

Goats, chickens, a huge garden, a pack of dogs, perhaps horses, an orchard – the list goes on and on.  I suppose I’d have to start with shelter for me and my animals, in which case, I would plunk down an Eaton’s house and an old barn.  I LOVE Eaton’s houses.  It’s hard to find one that isn’t completely run down or hasn’t had the character renovated out of it.  If I couldn’t find an Eaton’s house, I’d settle for a Craftsman bungalow.  I have old-style sensibilities when it comes to houses.  I like the warmth and texture of stained (not painted) wood, and I appreciate the craftsmanship of everything being hand built.  I would also create a summer kitchen so that I could do my canning outdoors when it’s +40C in late August, and I’m trying desperately to keep up with everything coming ripe in the garden.

I would have a VERY large garden, probably double the size of my current garden (which is just over 900 square feet).  I love growing squash and different types of potatoes, and I never have enough room in my little backyard.  There would be a special place for perennials, like asparagus, chives, and rhubarb, and a substantial herb garden.  There is noting better than running out to the garden with a pair of scissors while in the midst of cooking supper and snipping some fresh basil or mint or oregano to add to the dish.

I’d plant a mini fruit orchard and grow apples, plums, pears, cherries and sour cherries, along with raspberries, Saskatoon berries, and strawberries.

I would have dairy goats, and a good size flock of chickens.  I’d have a pack of dogs (all rescues, of course), and even though I’ve never been on a horse in my life, I think I would like to have horses.  They seem very intelligent, and of course, they will be useful when the gas runs out, and we have to convert our automobiles into Bennet buggies.

I would plant some of the land with oats and hay (for the horses and chickens) and wheat (for me).  The rest I would allow to return to natural, wild prairie (and let the goats graze on it) so that I could sit on my deck, have my morning coffee, and watch the wildlife.  (This is all assuming, of course, that my plot of earth is in Saskatchewan, because I honestly can’t picture myself living anywhere else).

So, basically, I would create a homestead and do exactly what my ancestors did a hundred years ago.

How original of me.

Perhaps I was born in the wrong era?