I thought that maybe to switch things up a bit*, I’d do the Photo Challenge instead of the Daily Prompt. The Photo Challenge is to find a subject and then compose the shot so that it follows the Rule of Thirds, in that the subject only takes up a third of the frame.

I used The Zig as my subject. I tried to get Kingsley, but he was too interested in what I was doing and kept coming too close to the camera. Zig didn’t give a fig, and continue napping on the chair while I snapped a dozen photos of him. At one point, he thought he heard something at the back door, and perked up, which is when I took the photo below.


*Okay, I lied. Honestly, I tried about five different prompts, and I answered them all with one sentence. Getting more than one sentence out of my brain today was like pulling teeth – difficult and painful. So I gave up trying to express anything with words, and chose the easy way out a different medium of expression.