Our ten-minute free-write is back for another round! Tap away on whatever comes to mind, no filters attached. (Feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).


No way I’m going back to edit on this one.  I can only spend about ten minutes writing fun bloggy stuff tonight anyway.  So I apologize in advance for spelling and grammatical errors.  My brain is so tired, it feels like fuzz.

Here’s my day.

Woke up with a cold.  Thank you, germy child that lives in my house and has yet to go more than five days in a row without having a runny nose.  Seriously, this kid gets cold after cold after cold.  Managed to squeeze in a shower before child and dogs woke up.  Fed child and dogs.

Head out to take foster toddler to a family visit.  Family doesn’t show.  So instead I take her shopping for knitting needles with me.  Exciting times for a toddler.  It’s really difficult to take her shopping anywhere because all she wants to do is pull everything off the shelves that are within her reach.  Manage to get the knitting needles and not have to buy any broken merchandise.

Head home and have lunch.  Put toddler down for a nap.  She has other ideas.  Forty-five minutes later, she still isn’t sleeping.  Try putting her down for a nap again.  This time, she falls asleep.  Do the dishes, clean up the house, sweep the floors, leave the bathroom for another day.  Work on knitting slippers for upcoming show (I’ve been commissioned to knit a pair of slippers!)  Rebandage Ziggy’s leg.  Remember the photo of him in the collar of shame from last week?  Well, he outsmarted that cone and figured out how to lick the wound on his leg.  Then I outsmarted him with bandages and bitter spray.  Ha HA!

Toddler wakes up from her nap.  Turn on Netflix, and plunk her down in front of the tv with a bowl of cereal in order to finish important part of slipper uninterrupted.  Have song from Cat in the Hat stuck in my head for the rest of the day (“Here we go, go, go, go on an adventure!”  SHUT UP).

Bundle up toddler and myself to go do chores in the backyard.  Take out the garbage, clean up chicken coop, and pick up frozen dog poops.  Will arrives home briefly before heading out to a meeting.  I take the opportunity to turn my toddler radar down a couple notches.  It’s so much easier to look after her when there’s another parent in the house.

Will’s goes to his meeting, and toddler and I head out to my parents’ house for supper.  Brought copies of the Homestead Files that I found at the archives earlier this week, and my Dad shares some new info he found.  My mother sends me home with two grocery bags full of food.

Get home.  Put toddler in the bath.  Get toddler out of bath.  Neither of those tasks are as easy as they sound.  As I’m putting on her pajamas, I hear Ziggy licking and chewing in the living room.  He’s chewed off his bandage and licked his wound open AGAIN, plus licked the skin surrounding it raw.  I want to ring his stupid little neck.

Put toddler to bed.  Open up computer.  Write blog.  After blog, write another Artist Participation Statement.  Watch Netflix and return to knitting slippers.

Go to bed.